Emergency Medicine:

WAVES Hospital is excited to offer Vancouver Island services in emergency and critical care medicine. Our emergency department is NOW OPEN and our veterinarians will be available Mon-Thurs 8am until MIDNIGHT, and 24hrs Fri,Sat,Sun. We are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to see all your emergent concerns. Our experienced technicians and animal care attendants will be with all of our hospitalized patients 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week and a veterinarian will be in the building or on call for any in-hospital patient concerns 24 hrs a day. We will be  expanding into a full 24 hour emergency department shortly. 

Our emergency department veterinarians are equipped to deal with all minor and major emergencies and have the skills to evaluate traumatic injuries, perform surgical procedures, evaluate diagnostic tests and refer to our in-hospital veterinary specialists in Critical Care, Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Interventional Radiology/Endoscopy. 

Emergency veterinarians routinely deal with animals that are suffering the effects of physical trauma (such as car accidents, falls, bite wounds, cuts, etc), shock, breathing problems, heart problems, neurological issues, or other severe injuries or illnesses that require immediate and intensive veterinary care. We are also there for the smaller emergencies when your family veterinarian is not able to see you on short notice. 

Our emergency team consists of experienced practitioners that together bring a level of high-quality emergency care to your pet. 

At WAVES, specialists together with emergency veterinarians work alongside our dedicated highly-trained technicians, to ensure that your pet is in good hands at WAVES. 

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