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Do dogs and cats get arthritis like humans? The answer is yes, felines and canines can also have their joints affected by arthritis. Humans are often prone to arthritis as they age; cats and dogs also typically get the condition in their senior years. As they age, their joints and cartilages are prone to wear and tear or injury. Arthritis damages the joints most commonly causing visible swelling, pain and difficulty in movement. If you notice any of these signs in your pet or need more information about our arthritis services, call us today at 778-432-4322

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Is arthritis in dogs and cats curable?

Arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that has many treatment options available. With long-term treatment, most cats and dogs continue to lead a healthy lifestyle. Treatment options include pain management with medications, physical therapy, weight management, nutrition control and surgery. You can discuss all available options with our veterinary experts and they can help you find the best treatment for your furry pal. 

Can surgery help treat my pet’s arthritis?

Surgery is only used in very specific cases such as when a joint fusion is required for relieving pain, if replacement of joints is necessary, or for attachment of prosthetics. It is usually undertaken when other pain management treatments are not able to relieve chronic pain.

How can I make my dog or cat with arthritis more comfortable?

Here are some steps you can take to help your furry companions feel a little more comfortable:

  • Help them get adequate rest. Rest is an essential component of the treatment process.
  • Don’t over-exercise them. It is as harmful as not getting any exercise at all. Understand your pet’s limits and maintain an adequate exercise regimen. 
  • Visit your veterinarian regularly and they can help you adjust and modify the treatment plan.

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