Critical Care Services for Pets

WAVES Hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provides both urgent and critical care whenever you need it. Our critical care department is staffed 24 hours to take care of patients that require utmost care and attention. It is equipped with full stat labs, fluoroscopy, other advanced imaging software, and state-of-the-art operating rooms to manage pets whose conditions are rapidly changing. 

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When would my pet need critical care?

The sickest patients are often placed in critical care as they require undivided and continuous monitoring. Pets are often placed in critical care post-surgery as well to stabilize their health. Pets suffering from acute illnesses and conditions like heart and respiratory diseases are also admitted to critical care.

What kind of emergencies does the critical care unit handle?

The critical care unit is staffed by critical care specialists who are equipped to handle all emergency cases and conduct urgent surgeries as well. Pets experiencing any of these conditions and more can be admitted to critical care: 

  • Trauma patients with large wounds, chest injuries or fractures
  • Pets having a seizure or paralysis
  • Pets with difficulties breathing or with cardiac emergencies
  • Pets requiring blood transfusions 
  • Those unable to eat and require feeding tubes or intravenous nutrition

How should I reach the critical care services at WAVES?

The best way to reach out to our critical care unit is to call us at 778-432-4322 and our staff would be happy to help you with any information that you require.

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