Endoscopy for Pets

While medically non-invasive procedures help veterinarians assess the internal health of your pet, they do not always provide the answers vets are looking for in treating your pet. In such cases, vets choose to perform diagnostic tests like endoscopy to probe your pet’s internal organs. It is an invasive but safe and routine process. It provides crucial information that helps vets provide a prompt diagnosis and initiate immediate treatment. To know more about our endoscopy services, feel free to reach us at 778-432-4322

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Why does my pet need an endoscopy?

A veterinarian might suggest an endoscopy when they want to understand the cause of clinical symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, sudden weight loss, changes in appetite, trouble excreting, etc. The vet might suggest an endoscopy of internal organs in other cases based on specific needs and diagnosis. 

Is endoscopy a surgical procedure?

No, endoscopy is not a surgical procedure. It is a routine diagnostic procedure that probes internal organs using a camera-like device attached to the end of a tube. 

Will my pet need anesthesia for the procedure?

Yes, your pet is given anesthesia to undergo the procedure so they do not feel pain or discomfort from the device being in their body. You pet will be given an anesthetic which subsides quite quickly after the procedure is completed.

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