As a pet parent, you never wish to make the decision of euthanizing your loyal companion. But, it is a decision that you inevitably have to face. At WAVES, we will be alongside you throughout this difficult process – from knowing when to decide to helping you say your goodbyes. We are here for you and your pet as you make this hard but humane choice with your furry companion’s best interests in mind. To know more about your choices and our services, feel free to reach us at 778-432-4322

Why should I euthanize my pet?

It’s a very tough decision to make but your pet’s quality of life is a guiding principle in making such a choice. If no treatment or medical procedure can help improve your furry pal’s quality of life, it is usually a better choice to help save them from present and any future suffering and pain they might experience. 

How do I evaluate my pet’s quality of life?

A veterinarian is the best resource to help you evaluate your pet’s quality of life. If your pet is in chronic pain and no medications or treatment options can help relieve the pain or help them lead a better life, it is often considered to be poor quality of life. The veterinarians make an  evaluation based on present and future quality of life to help you make the decision. 

Would my pet feel any pain?

No. Your pet is given a sedative before the medical euthanasia drug is injected. They feel no pain at all, except the slight pinch of the needle while undergoing the procedure.