Surgical Services for Pets

At present, WAVES is the only purpose-built specialty hospital on Vancouver Island that provides state-of-the-art facilities for surgical care. Our surgeon, Dr. Bolliger, has expertise in a wide variety of procedures including orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, neurosurgery, surgical oncology and laparoscopic surgery. We offer the highest quality of care for your furry companions before and after the surgery. To know more about our advanced surgical care services, feel free to call us at 778-432-4322

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What are the pre-surgery and post-surgery needs for my pets?

Pre and post-operative care are usually dependent on the kind of surgery being performed. During the entire process, our surgeons work with critical care specialists and rehabilitation specialists to help devise a pre and post-op plan for your pet’s speedy recovery. 

Is surgery painful for pets?

Surgeries are invasive medical procedures but they are undertaken to ensure your pet has the best quality of life possible. Our veterinarians take special care in administering the safest anesthetic agents so your pet feels no pain and is comfortable during the surgery. Our post-operative care rehabilitation services help in pain management and ensure a swift recovery for your pet. 

What can I do at home to make my pet feel better after surgery?

Apart from showering them with love and care, here are some other things you can do to make them feel as comfortable as possible:

  • Follow the physical therapy guidelines provided post-surgery 
  • Ensure your pet has easy access to their food and water 
  • Avoid strenuous activities post-surgery
  • If they don’t want to move, let them stay
  • Give them their medicine on time and in the right dosage

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