Ultrasound and X-ray Services for Pets

With the help of advanced technology and equipment, our veterinary team can diagnose and treat your pet with better accuracy and speed. We have in-house imaging technologies including X-ray and CT. These imaging technologies make it easier for the vets to have increased access allowing them to make comprehensive diagnoses and treat your pet with more targeted therapies. 

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Does my pet need sedation or anaesthesia to get an X-ray?

Sedation or anesthesia may be used to reduce anxiety and improve the comfort and safety of your pet during the procedure. 

Will my pet experience any side effects after an ultrasound?

No. Ultrasounds are a non-invasive procedure that causes no harm to your pet. The procedure is simple enough and works similarly to humans getting a routine ultrasound. 

What is the cost of ultrasound for a cat?

For information about our costs for imaging services and to book your next appointment, feel free to call us at 778-432-4322.

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