WAVES is currently the only purpose-built specialty hospital on Vancouver Island. Our surgeon Dr. Bolliger provides a broad spectrum of procedures including orthopaedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, neurosurgery, surgical oncology and minimally invasive surgery. (We currently do not offer joint replacements).

We have 3 dedicated surgery suites equipped with fluoroscopy (real-time X-ray), locking plate technology, external fixators, stapling, and vessel sealing instruments.

A 64-slice computer tomograph (CT-scan) allows us to create 3-dimensional radiographs which help plan surgeries such as complex fracture repairs, cancer resections, back surgeries and more. 

To ensure your pet receives the highest quality of care, an emphasis is placed on safety, post-operative comfort, and appropriate pain management. We make sure that the safest anesthetic agents are used and that your pet is closely monitored throughout the anesthetic and postanesthetic period. To achieve the best possible outcome, we stress the importance of administering the appropriate pain medications at the time of surgery and during recovery.

Our critical care specialist supports our surgical service when dealing with compromised patients and the physical rehabilitation group works closely with us during the hospitalization of your pet and in the post-operative period if indicated. Lastly, at the time of your pet’s release we provide written recommendation to you and the referring veterinarian to help ensure an uncomplicated and successful recovery at home.