Heather, RVT

Referral Coordinator

I grew up with animals and always wanted to work alongside them. I did not discover what an RVT was until I attended college for acting back around 2004 and saw the program there. I knew that is where I wanted to be and worked my way towards it by starting off as an ACA at an emergency clinic in Victoria. I attended TRU and graduated in 2010. The areas of veterinary medicine that interest me the most are emergency, lab work, and internal medicine.

I love our team and our environment. We all work together nicely. We are all dedicated and care about our patients. We help each other out when needed no matter where we are working. We are a family here and I love the support. The care for our animals is exceptional. We all care deeply for each pet that walks through the doors.

In my time off, I love to do acrylic paint pouring and also very early morning HIIT classes.