Dr. Kate Montague

Emergency Care DVM

I was born in Zimbabwe and spent the better part of my childhood there, surrounded by pets at home and spending holidays surrounded by very different animals on safari. I feel very lucky for the experiences I’ve had, which sparked my love for animals and a curiosity about the world. My family immigrated from Zimbabwe to Calgary; I can still remember the first time I saw snow.

My passion for medical science (and a warm winter) pushed me to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at UVic. After graduation, I spent 2 years travelling through Europe and Asia, where I volunteered at an animal rescue. I realized that I could combine my love for animals and my passion for science. I returned to Alberta to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary.

Victoria always felt more like home, so I am very excited to have joined the team at WAVES. I’m excited to expand my ultrasound skills and dive into everything that ER has to offer.

On my days off, you can find me staring lovingly at the ocean or exploring the island in my 1985 campervan.