Why Join Us

WAVES is a coveted hospital that provides emergency and specialty care on the Westshore in Victoria, BC. WAVES has board-certified specialists and contemporary technologies to help furry felines and canines spring back to health. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality care to our patients. We are determined to provide care not only to our clients but also to other family veterinarians’ health teams in the community. WAVES is the place to be if you are committed to serving animals who require critical care and attention. Surrounded by experts and specialists in the various areas of the profession, it can serve as a place for you to develop and level up your career. 

Located in the capital city of Victoria, British Columbia, WAVES can be your ideal workplace. Sitting on the southern end of Vancouver Island, the city is known for its outdoor activities. If you are a social butterfly and enjoy the outdoors, you will love it down here. With its perfect mix of city life and nature, you are sure to find activities on your off-days. 

How to Join Us

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For all other positions at our hospital (Client Care Representative/Receptionist, Animal Care Assistant, Kennel Attendant, Vet Assistant/Tech Assistant), email your resume to