Desiree Stinson

Hospital Director

Canadian born and raised on a small horse farm outside of Edmonton, Desiree, competed on the national equestrian circuit until her family decided to escape the harsh Alberta winters and migrate to Hawaii, horses and cats in tow. Once she finished her schooling, Desiree left for California where she set out to develop her career in theatrical entertainment.

Desiree became best known for her leadership roles in strategic marketing and operations during the nascent phases of global entertainment brands, including Cirque Du Soleil, Cavalia, and MGM Resorts.

In 2018, after years of international travel, it was time to move closer to her family near the BC border in Washington State. It was then she developed her acumen for advanced veterinary care while assisting with the development of 40,000 sq. ft of new surgical space for the Pacific Northwest’s largest Veterinary Specialty/ER Hospital.

Now, Desiree returns to Canada with her feline travel companion to support the WAVES team in long term sustainability and growth.