Parasite Prevention and Control

Indoor or outdoor, no matter what lifestyle your pet lives, the risk of them getting infected by a parasite at some point in their life is high. Parasites are organisms that live off the host’s body, draw nutrients and can cause considerable harm to your pet. Internal and external parasites can be transmitted from pets to humans and cause illnesses like tapeworm infections, toxoplasmosis, bartonellosis, ringworm and more. This is why your furry companion needs to be on a year-round parasite prevention plan. 

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What is the best parasite prevention plan for my pet?

A parasite prevention plan is designed based on your pet’s breed, size, lifestyle, living environment and other considerations like the presence of auto-immune people in their environment. Based on such factors, our veterinarians can help you build the best-suited prevention plan for your pet and family. You can call us at 778-432-4322 to book your next appointment and to learn more about our parasite prevention and control services.

Can parasites be deadly for my pets?

Some parasites can cause significant harm to your pet including death. Heartworms are known to cause fatal damage to the heart and other organs and result in organ failure. This is why prevention is strongly recommended when it comes to parasites and your pet. 

How can my pet catch a parasite?

There are several ways your pet can get infected. They can be bitten by an infected insect like a mosquito which can transfer the worms to your pet. They can get it from contact with other pets and their feces. Alternatively, external parasites like ticks and fleas can latch on to your pet in outdoor settings such as dog parks or walking trails.

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