Rehabilitation Services

For pets, rehabilitation therapy is equivalent to physical therapy for humans. It helps your pet recover and recuperate from injuries, surgeries and illness. It also helps with treating conditions like osteoarthritis. At WAVES, our goal is to design a program well-suited for your pet to help them achieve a higher level of function, improve their quality of life and manage their pain better.

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What kind of rehab therapies are available for my pet?

At WAVES, we offer a multitude of rehabilitation services for pets based on their needs. Some of our rehab services include the most advanced veterinary practices such as hydrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, neuromuscular electrostimulation, transcutaneous electrical stimulation, therapeutic laser therapy and more. 

What are the benefits of rehab for my pet?

Rehabilitation programs are designed to help with pain management and recuperation. Other benefits include: 

  • Improved muscle mass
  • Prevention of muscle atrophy
  • Improved joint function and range of motion
  • Increased joint stability
  • Reduced progression of osteoarthritis
  • Reduced pain and swelling
  • Improved muscle and cardiorespiratory endurance

What are the costs of a rehab program?

To know more about our rehabilitation services and costs, please feel free to reach out to us at 778-432-4322 and our staff will assist you with all your requests.

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